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When I was a little child, I would wait for my eyelashes to fall so that I could keep them on the back of my hand, close my eyes and blow them away and make a secret wish that I believed the universe would conspire to fulfil! It may sound silly at first, but it made me believe in the power of the universe. Making a wish is the first step towards fulfilling our goals and achieving the larger purpose in our lives.

I secretly made so many wishes: some were met and some I forgot to track!

I am still chasing some of those with a lot of passion, one of which is House of Moxa, my wish to create something of my own that reflects my personality, my interests and fulfils my purpose to give back to our communities. As a matter of fact, it is a culmination of many wishes.

Our new collection ' Make a wish' is a reminder to keep wishing and trying everything to ensure those wishes are met and your dreams are fulfilled. 

The fabric used in our collection is handspun & handwoven(aka Khadi). It's dyed using some amazing natural dyes that serve as the perfect canvas for aesthetically hand-embroidered dandelions in different shapes and colours.


Did you 'Make a wish'? 

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