About Us

 House of Moxa aspires to be the leading design house provider of sustainable, handcrafted and unique silhouettes in the country.
 The core of our brand is established on three pillars that are reflected in our logo, a three petalled Lotus ;
Purity of designs, sustainability of many forms and customer delight.
We promise to bring you the best clothing to match your personality and boost your confidence to uplift your spirit today and forever !
The name Moxa is derived from the word 'Moksha' which means liberation from the web of Maya, the cycles of Birth and Death, and, experiences of bliss. Moksha is not only attained afterlife but also right here, in this life, by liberating oneself from a sense of lack, insecurity, and fear - a feeling of pure bliss.
The meaning of 'MOXA’ emerges and closely translates to one's purpose in life. House of Moxa has a purpose deeper than just running a fashion business. At HOM, we are committed to giving back to society through our sustainability goals and handcrafted designs and thereby becoming a leading design house.