Refund Policy

As a policy, we do not offer refunds on products which are delivered in perfect condition. In case you do like the product then you can return the product against store credit of the same value of the returned product which can be redeemed within a year on any item you wish from the website. A refund cannot be initiated in this case.

In the unlikely event that your merchandise arrives damaged, you can write to The issue will be recorded and further steps will be communicated to you. We can provide a replacement at no extra cost or email a store credit of the same value to you or can initiate a full refund for the products received in damaged condition.

Please note: that misprints, inconsistency of the weave, colour changes do not qualify as damaged product.

For international orders, the customer is responsible to send across the purchased item back to us in order to be eligible for a returns/exchanges equivalent to the returned product value. Shipping costs to ship the product back to us shall be borne by the customer.