First Collection !

I am made of you!

Self-made person is a myth. Self-made is a misinterpreted perception of our successes. No one really does it all by themselves.

Take a pause, close your eyes and care for a deep breath. Now think of the people around you who are constantly toiling while chiselling, scooping, and graving each part of your life. They are ensuring everything falls in place so that you can be what you want to be.

It could be your parent ensuring you eat on time during a crazy choc-a-block day at work, a parent-in-law nurturing your kids and telling them stories while you finish an important work call, a spouse who is stepping up their game to ensure you get to focus on your priorities or a friend quietly watching every step you take in life and ready to catch you whenever you fall.

Well, let us just say it could also be someone you have crossed paths with for a little while or someone whose words of encouragement helped you perform that little rhyme on stage.

We are made of thousands of others.

House of Moxa’s first collection is dedicated to all those who have touched my life in many ways and have shaped me to be what I am today!

I am Made of you!